Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Gown, Times Two!

Lots of news this Sunday (we know that while weddings are actually pretty evenly spread throughout the year that the media still considers June "Wedding Month" and therefore create stories galore!).

One being the *new* hot trend of brides wearing 2 gowns - one for the ceremony and a totally different one for the reception.

And we all thought that there was not much new in wedding revenue opportunities. In one day - major news outlets cover trends (Trash the Dress & Two Gowns for One Wedding) that reveal sources of 'enhancements' that can result in additional business for both the photography and bridal gown markets!

Click here for the NY Newsday story - here, here and here for 3 other related new stories (including the Associated Press) on the same topic.

Actually - I fancy myself a bit ahead of the curve on this one. You see, when I was married 9 1/2 years ago I had two gowns. At the time (1998) it was unheard of and considered by many to be completely over the top! And it was, of course. I also was lucky enough to have a best friend, Randy Fenoli, as my own personal wedding designer (more on Randy soon - he has some *big* plans I can't wait to share!). After much collaboration and endless muslin fittings, the end result was two totally different and amazing wedding gowns that exceeded my every dream! In fact, the wedding was featured in Brides, Modern Bride & Elegant Bride (at the time they were all separately owned - how times have changed!) and the fact that I wore two custom-designed gowns was a big part of the story.

I think this is a trend that is here to stay for many different reasons. Let me know if you are seeing more of this in your weddings and be sure to let your brides know that this is a new trend - they look to you no matter what part of the business you are in to be an expert in all things weddings - not just your part of the event.

Knowing what is *hot* and what is *not* is a big part of your value to your bride and ultimately to your success!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!
You were definitely the trend setting bride at your wedding with two gowns, two veils, and two completely separate looks!
You were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS on your wedding day!
Not only because of the gowns you wore, but because you were such a beautiful bride inside with such an incredible and happy aura about you!
I've been to many weddings and I've learned that brides are truly more beautiful when they are happy. And you were definitely happy!
Your wedding was absolutely the most incredible event I have ever attended in my life!

Sometimes brides get so caught up in the details of pulling off the most amazing event and trying to impress their family and friends, that they often forget to have fun at their own wedding and to roll with the punches. Something will inevitably go wrong on your special day, but as your hubby Patrick would say, it's how you react to the situation that makes the difference!

Congratulations to you and Engaging Concepts on your 6th anniversary of your very successful career!
It seems like just yesterday that you were launching Disney's Fairytale Weddings.
Not to mention your brief stint as Eyore..."wink"

Much love to you and your family and to your continued success!
Randy Fenoli